Southern Food is a way of life and one that is richly immersed in heritage, culture, and tradition.  It's fun to learn how to prepare great-grandmother's chocolate pie or discover your Papaw's recipe for his special barbecue sauce.  Southern foods are an integral part of every day lives and are loved and cherished by folks across the Southeast.  Our weekends and holidays are scheduled around luncheons, barbecues, and low country boils.  Southern food is inextricably tied to every great Southern tradition.


Southern Family Fare brings the key elements of those fantastic foods to your family's table.  Our value proposition is to deliver locally sourced wholesome, high quality foods directly to the local, southern consumers through a well executed Direct To Consumer supply chain.

We are local farmers, small and craft processors, and supply chain experts teaming up to deliver the highest quality foods to your door.  We also have families of our own and know the importance of a nutritious and fun family meal that doesn't blow the  family budget.  Our products are produced locally and in accordance with all state and federal laws.  We only work with USDA or FDA inspected facilities.

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